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Greetings from Georgia and Myanmar!

My friend, musician coach activist Joanne Lauterjung, who lives in Yangon Myanmar/Burma, has started Sonic Bloom, a resource for music and social change.

As part of Sonic Bloom, Joanne started a Podcast called "Singers on the Front Lines," a series of interviews with singers working to promote well being, social justice, and sharing the gift of song with vulnerable communities.

I am honored to have been recently interviewed by Joanne, and we had a lively conversation, sharing stories about our musical lives.

Click here to listen to the interview:


Also check out Joanne's interviews with

Rhiannon, Darren Abrahams, Shirley Mae Springer Staten, and Maanveer Singh

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It's not too late to enjoy a wild variety of classes, workshops, and concerts from the Augusta Heritage Center in WV. Everything is being archived and will be available until October 1, 2020!

Your registration gives you access to 3 weeks of programming, including:

* Vocal * Songwriting * Cajun & Creole * Swing * Classic Country *

* Blues * Old Time * Piano * Cooking * Musicianship * String Band *

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~ for Augusta, I have recorded 2 classes ~

Singing Body & Soul

American Sign Language and Qigong are creative ways to incorporate movement with our songs. We’ll learn a Sea Islands Spiritual that has call and response with Sign Language, and the song “In These Times,” which includes Qigong “dragon eyes” and “putting the moon’s reflection in the water.

Round'em Up

for Instant Harmony

When you learn a Round, you already have the basis for harmony. We will learn a new Birthday Round as well as a unique Double Round, and I will include tips for learning melodies quickly, and playing with harmony.

Register here for access to all recorded classes and live events:



All Singing: The Elise Witt Songbook

* Elise Witt w:Songbook, photo by Jessica Lily
CD Covers together

CDs & Digital Download Cards

Done with CDs? You can now get any of my music as digital downloads.

And yes, CDs are still available, though Love Being Here and the archival Elise Witt & Small Family Orchestra double CD are almost sold out.

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Elise's Upcoming Schedule

Until Oct. 1 ~ Online!

Classes, workshops, and concerts for Augusta Heritage Center @ Davis & Elkins College WV

Aug. 4-9 ~ Online!

Alternate ROOTS Week

Aug. 3-31 ~ Online!

7:30 - 8:45 pm Eastern US ~ Singing for Fun for Everyone: 5-week Mondays class session


June 27 - July 3 ~ Brasstown NC

An Impromptu Glorious Chorus™ Week-long Singing Workshop @ John C. Campbell Folk School

Aug. 20-22 ~ East Ridge TN (Chattanooga area)

Get Off the Grid Fest @ Camp Jordan

We're All Born Singing