We're All Born Singing
Spider Lily


Online month-long class

OCT. 4-25

4 Monday evenings

7:30 - 8:45 p.m. (Eastern)

Limited class size

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Upon registration, you will receive a link to join, and a link to a folder with all the music, including mp3 sound recordings, lyrics, and music notation.
Though we've now been able to have occasional live and in person sings,
we are still going strong online, with ever more fun ways to be together in the virtual space.
It's been lovely having folks from Canada, Vermont, California, Alabama, Illinois, Connecticut, Colorado, Tennessee, Michigan, and Virginia, join our regular Atlanta crew of singers.
And there are so many wonderful new songs to enjoy in this new format. Come join us!
DAS Global Voices week 9:27-10:3:2021

We've been having a wonderful time on the Daily Antidote of Song this week. I am hosting musician friends from around the globe! Come sing with us!!

To join live in the virtual room:


If you missed any of the gatherings, you can watch them anytime here: https://www.facebook.com/DailyAntidote

* Elise Witt w:Songbook, photo by Jessica Lily
CD Covers together

CDs & Digital Download Cards

Done with CDs? You can now get any of my music as digital downloads.

And yes, CDs are still available, though Love Being Here and the archival Elise Witt & Small Family Orchestra double CD are almost sold out.

Click HERE to peruse the Music!

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Twenty-two of my songs have been arranged for SATB, SSAA, and TTBB choral groups by Michael Holmes. Check out the music and some beautiful performances by choirs, choruses, and small ensembles! More info click here.

Bees Make Honey
Woody Guthrie's iconic song "This Land is Your Land" is one of our favorites at the Global Village Project. In this version we collaborated with Congregation Bet Haverim, chorus directed by Will Robertson and music director Gayanne Geurin.
Watch here:
"As the bee takes the essence of the flower and flies, without destroying its beauty or perfume, so wander in this life." This quote from Buddha inspired my Frenglish song "Bees Make Honey." Jessica Lily's beautiful video accompanies verses about bees, birds, fish, and spiders... their gifts to us.
Watch here
On November 23, 2019, over 50 musicians and more than 300 audience members gathered at the Chosewood Arts Complex in Atlanta to celebrate the release of All Singing: the Elise Witt Songbook.
You can watch the whole concert here!

Elise's Upcoming Schedule

(all times are Eastern US)

Sept. 27 - Oct. Online

12:00 p.m. Elise hosts "Global Voices" for the Daily Antidote of Song

Oct. 4-25 Online

7:30 - 8:45 p.m. Month-long Singing for Fun for Everyone class

Oct. 4 Online

12:00 p.m. Elise hosts "Global Voices" for the Daily Antidote of Song

Oct. 15 Online

2:00 p.m. Authors Tea "Welcome" unit

Oct. 17 Online

12:00 p.m. Elise unveils a new song & art project for the Daily Antidote of Song

Oct. 21 Online

6:30 - 7:45 p.m. Carpe Diem Family Sing

Nov. 6 Clarkston - Decatur GA

10:00 a.m. Walk from Clarkston to Decatur to celebrate and support the Global Village Project

Dec. 10 Online

2:00 p.m. Authors Tea "Wax Museum"


April 21-24 ~ Ossabaw Island GA

Singing The Inspiration Of Ossabaw Island: 4-day immersion with Elise Witt & Gayanne Geurin on this Georgia nature preserve - details forthcoming
We're All Born Singing