We're All Born Singing
Authors Tea Mar. 5, 2021

Join us for Global Village Project March Authors' Tea to find out how school is going online. It takes creative pivoting, but lots of exciting things are happening at GVP!

Here's the link to join: https://youtu.be/lZE9g0NxXwc

Daily Antidote March Women's History

I'm excited to be part of the March Daily Antidote of Song, joined by Cuban sisters Lisset & Judith Rodés this coming Saturday Mar. 6 at noon.

We'll be singing a Cuban song and a song of mine, and you can sing along from the comfort of your home!

On Sat. Mar. 6 at noon, join us here: https://revelsdc.org/2021/daily-song/

Or watch a re-play anytime (you don't need a fb account)


Boots on the Ground - Skin on the Line-playlist

Sun. Mar. 7 at 3:00 EST

Since the beginning of the year, I've been signing my missives:

"May the new year be filled with Joy and Justice, Love and Peace, Equity and Compassion, Kindness, and lots and lots of Music."

It felt like it needed to be a song!

On Sun. Mar. 7, I'll be sharing my new song "May Our Hearts Be Filled" as part of the BOOTS ON THE GROUND, SKIN ON THE LINE Playlist ~ songs, all written since October, to inspire courage, feed resilience, and keep us all showing up in the service of justice.

Green boots

Click here to purchase the Playlist: https://thebirdsings.com/boots/

Upon purchasing, you'll be emailed links to download or stream all 25 songs, and

a downloadable PDF with lyrics. Fees are sliding scale, so as to be accessible to all!

You will also receive invitations to join 6 Zoom sessions where you'll have a chance to learn the songs from their composers. My Zoom is March 7 at 3:00 EST.

* Elise Witt w:Songbook, photo by Jessica Lily
CD Covers together

CDs & Digital Download Cards

Done with CDs? You can now get any of my music as digital downloads.

And yes, CDs are still available, though Love Being Here and the archival Elise Witt & Small Family Orchestra double CD are almost sold out.

Click HERE to peruse the Music!

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 6.20.16 PM

Twenty-two of my songs have been arranged for SATB, SSAA, and TTBB choral groups by Michael Holmes. Check out the music and some beautiful performances by choirs, choruses, and small ensembles! More info click here.

On November 23, 2019, over 50 musicians and more than 300 audience members gathered at the Chosewood Arts Complex in Atlanta to celebrate the release of my All Singing Songbook.
You can watch the whole concert here!
Sing along with "Jenny Jenkins," a traditional color song that I updated for our contemporary times. Jessica Lily made a beautiful video featuring artwork from artists across the globe, aged 1-83!
Watch here

Elise's Upcoming Schedule

(all times are Eastern US)

Mar. 1-29 ~ Online

7:30 - 8:45 p.m. Singing for Fun for Everyone, 5-week class

Mar. 5 ~ Online

2:00 p.m. Authors' Tea @ Global Village Project

Mar. 6 ~ Online

12:00 p.m. Daily Antidote of Song w/Lisset & Judith Rodés

Mar. 7 ~ Online

3:00 p.m. Boots on the Ground, Skin on the Line, sharing my song "May Our Hearts Be Filled"

Mar. 7 ~ Online

1:00 p.m. Rise and Sing we celebrates Elizabeth Melvin's birthday

April 5-26 ~ Online

7:30 - 8:45 p.m. Singing for Fun for Everyone, 4-week class

May 14-16 ~ Online

Alternate ROOTS weekend: Southern Soil: Collective Liberations in partnership with the Land

June 27 - July 3 ~ Brasstown NC

An Impromptu Glorious Chorus™ Week-long Singing Workshop @ John C. Campbell Folk School

July 13-17 ~ online

Vocal Week @ Augusta Heritage Center, Elkins WV

Aug. 3-8 ~ Online

Alternate ROOTS week: Southern Soil: Collective Liberations in partnership with the Land

Aug. 20-22 ~ East Ridge TN (Chattanooga area)

Get Off the Grid Fest w/the Quarantine Quartet @ Camp Jordan

We're All Born Singing