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  • Musical Fun in the Sun, Key West FL Sunset Mallory Square

    Sunny times with singers from snowy climes – Montreal, Detroit, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maine, Georgia, and Florida! We united in song, thanks to sponsorship by The Studios of Key West. Hope to meet up with some of y’all in your home states – meanwhile, keep singing!

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  • GVP Students sing Break the Silence at One Billion Rising 2015 GVP @ One Billion Rising 2015

    Current GVP students and alums are joined by students from Academe of the Oaks and drummers Amy Jackson and Cindy Stark Reid from Conundrums to sing “Break the Silence” at Atlanta City Hall Atrium for One Billion Rising 2015.
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  • MUSIC CHANGES EVERYTHING at The Global Village Project Global-Village-Chorus

    Published by Alternate ROOTS Online Journal. The first bone to develop in a baby is the Earbone. The last sense we lose before passing from this life is the sense of sound. Babies are born with all sounds, and to learn the language spoken around them, they eliminate the sounds they don’t need.
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  • California Nov. 2014 IMG_0817

    Inspiring concerts with Terry Garthwaite & Becky Reardon @ Studio 55 in San Rafael and the French Garden in Sebastapol. Adventures in Tilden Park and the merry-go-round with singing friend J McKnight in Berkeley Hanging in the redwoods in Samuel Taylor Park with Terry Garthwaite and ceramic artist Barbara Andino-Stevenson.
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  • Viva Italia! Lisa-Elise-sing

    Returning to Italy after 7 years – so many beautiful reunions, so much great music! Part I – ROMA * Joining Rhiannon’s All the Way In singers for an improvising session, hearing their wonderful concert, and experiencing the wedding in the Etruscan Cave! * Re-connecting with beautiful singer Antonella Talamonti.
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